After a short but hard cycle of working on a revamp of the Cocos2D page, I think it is “stable” and thus was OK to became public.

Many details added, including Xcode 4, code examples and images as well.
I started using the source code plugin wordpres offers, and the results are pretty good.



I just published the pages for JavaDoc and Doxygen.

These two tools allows you to document your source code in Java, C, C++ and Objective-C, producing a professional-quality documentation as output.

I am trying to be true to my publishing schedule. As I have been spending much time on servers, database and etc, the next area will be iOS and Cocos2D.

Stay tuned.

Transition Done

It took some time, but, it is done. I endend yesterday the transition to 2.0, which included page renaming, page relocation and content change. It took more than I expected, but, I am happy with the results. I think that now the content is more organized and easy to find. If you had bookmarked page or sections or had linked them, probably they got broken upon these changes I´ve made and I am sorry for that.

I will keep adding new content to already existing pages, because I want these pages to be the most complete and concise as possible.

As the transition to 2.0 is done, I will start to add new content soon, I have received some feedback, and they pointed me that I am on the right direction. As I will be updating existing pages, I will use some kind of revision table on the pages, as they are getting bigger and bigger, I think it will help you to locate easily what changed from your last visit.

Update (2012/02/01): as of 2012/01/27, I will keep the changelog here.

I stated this “place” as a location, where I would keep my records about configuration and usage of software that I am always using, but configure one time in years, and, then, when I need it once again, I have to digg where I left the instructions.

It was nice when I had a small amount of pages, but the content grew and, it will grow more. So, before it became a complete mess, I am reorganizing it. Originally, I kept different pages for server and client, even on the same subject. I will unify it, so, I will have a single page called, for example, “Subversion”, and there will be everything I know about Subversion, no matters if it is about moving repositories, configuring or checking out a project from a remote server.

When the subject requires (like iOS tips, dozend of small things related to java and so), I will keep them split, in different pages and/or posts, depending on the content, but I will have an organized structure. Since the idea is to keep it organized, I think it will make easier for everybody to find what they search.

Since this revamp will kill bookmarks, references and so, I will call it a 2.0 version. I don’t like breaking things, even when they are links, but, I think that the change will be for the better.

Changes are good things and happen all the thime. If is for the better, why not?


I changed the layout based on my new strategy for this blog:

    I will use posts for information, events, examples,
    I will use pages for tutorials, step-by-step guides, “fixed posts”.

You may navigate using the menus at right. I am doing my best in order to keep this place as clean and organized as possible, so it will be possible to find any content easily.

This blog exists for two reasons:

  1. As the information it contains was hard to me to find, I think that it maybe still is hard to find, and, so, It may be useful for somebody.
  2. I don’t think that keeping them on local disc as documents worth the backup and restore nightmares.

I hope you enjoy it.